Baby swaddling cloths - Pure Organic Bamboo

Baby swaddling cloths - Pure Organic Bamboo


Beautifully soft baby wraps, hand made from satin weave 320 thread count organic bamboo fabric.
Generously sized at 120cm x 120cm.
Heavenly soft, silky smooth, swaddling cloths are perfect for baby's delicate skin. These wraps can also be used to dry baby after bathing because bamboo is many times more absorbent than cotton and far less likely to cause skin irritation. The wraps are perfectly sized for bassinet sheets too.

  • Swaddling

    Swaddling your baby can be soothing and settling and with some babies merely wrapping them sends them off to sleep. It can make baby feel safe and secure and can stop them from startling themselves (Moro Reflex). Baby can be wrapped from birth through the first year but it is generally recommended that once they start to roll onto their tummies the wrap should be loosened.
    Please view the links below to learn more about safely wrapping your baby. While many babies are comforted by wrapping it is not recommended to restrain your baby if it causes distress. If this does occur you can easily allow baby to have their arms out.

  • Made to order

    As this item is hand made to order, please allow 3 days to dispatch.

    Thank you very much


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