Bamboo Face Towels - Pack of 10

Bamboo Face Towels - Pack of 10

$39.50 Regular Price
$19.75Sale Price

10 face towels for $39.50

34cm x 34cm

Made with 100% bamboo woven loop pile on a densely woven, organic cotton base.

Combining the soft absorbency of these natural fibres makes them a practical choice. Perfect for those with sensitive skin because their smooth fibres are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. 

The hand towels double as excellent tea towels which dry quickly for a streak free finish ...... perfect for glassware. 

  • Care

    Simply use a gentle machine wash with cool or tepid water, a mild eco-friendly laundry product and line dry. If you use a dryer select the lowest temperature. Do not use bleach and you don't need to use a fabric softener because these towels are so silky soft.

    Woven and not knitted; if you make a pull in the loop it can be easily snipped off without damage to the weave. This will keep your towels looking lovely for years.


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